Aniyathi Praavu- An In-depth analysis

There is one thing mallus (or maybe Indians in general) are confused about- love. Not philosophically, but conceptually. 90’s movies validate my assumption easily. Let’s look at the movie at hand: Aniyathi Praavu a.k.a little sister pigeon a.k.a slave of damn patriarchy pigeon.

Meet Sudhi, an aspiring dancer who takes his bike to far off isolated places to practice. He hopes to impress a girl with his moves, but we know that ship won’t sail much.

There is one thing that hit too close to home, though. His mother wanting him to get married. But, like so many of us, Sudhi is stubborn that he wants to study more; in his case, dance. He convinces his parents that he is joining a B-School for MBA, and joins a D-School instead. For starters, the school is highly gendered: there are only men. And what about these colorful thin files they are dancing with? One page syllabus of ‘Punchiri Dance & Music School’?

As luck would have it, Sudhi finds friends in school, erm, who are a lot like him, especially those dance moves.

Sudhi falls in love, which is of course the point(lessness) of this movie. He falls in love with Mini, the pigeon, in less than a second.
(Aniyathi- Little Sister; Little- Mini. You see how clever the writer is?)

Love & Love Only- Twilight of the 90s

Sudhi, now wants to marry her without knowing her name, age, relationship status, or for goodness sake, if she is interested in him or not. So he stalks her, because that’s what pious lovers do.

For the story to move, the writer forcefully make them meet again, in a restaurant, as she and her friend run from some hooligans and pretend to make a conversation with Sudhi and his friends. How natural! Taking advantage of this situation, Sudhi and his friends begin nagging them until they are met by one of Mini’s brothers, who takes Sudhi and his friends to lock-up and beat them up. Mini’s brother was anti-romeo before anti-romeo hit the streets!

So, we learn, Mini has three brothers

Brother #1- Doctor by day, Goonda by night
Brother #2- Police by day, Goonda by night
Brother #3-Goonda by day, Goonda by night

They all take their chances to beat up Sudhi and his friends, because that’s what ‘loving’ brothers do. If you are heaving at this, you have a weak heart!

One of the traditions at Mini’s house is Chastity Test. Mini voluntarily passes through the ordeal of promising her family that she isn’t a slut! 🙄

Not even paraphrasing

Mini Pigeon, a loner herself, stalks Sudhi. She even ‘accidentally’ sees him practicing his dance moves as well.

I feel you Mini, I really do

Eventually, they do fall in what they call ‘love’. Sadly, they have to elope as Mini’s third brother catches them in a harmless love act of running behind each other in the middle of woods. Sudhi and Mini are ousted from their respective homes. I mean, we know how Mini’s family is- the abode of patriarchy, and it seems Sudhi’s family is not that liberal either.

To brighten up their mood, Sudhi’s friends take them to a Sunburn festival only to meet an awesome dude, a partayyy guy, the only alive person in the whole friggin movie, Chellappan bro. And, he dances wayyyyy better than Sudhi.

Anyways, the couple and their friends convince Chellappan bro that they want to get married. Chellappan bro, who is looking for just another excuse to slay the next party, gets excited and starts setting things up.

But party poopers that they are, Sudhi and Mini Pigeon decide on the day of the wedding that they don’t want to get married when their patriarchal parents are stubborn. Hence, Sudhi goes back to his house and Mini to hers. Mini is taken back to the patriarchal abode after she goes through the ordeal and proves her chastity, obviously.

They both agree to get married to different persons, as per their parents’ choices. But, Sudhi and his family make some weird excuse to go to Mini’s house, whose marriage is fixed, btw. In what looked like the absurd climax of this century, Sudhi’s mother now realizes Mini Pigeon is an asset to any patriarchal family, and wants to bring her home. Strangely, Mini’s parents are okay with it too. Why did they create a ruckus beating people up and hurling abuses all this while, I wonder.

And there comes the happy ending, I guess.

Lessons learnt:

  1. Love & Love Only, if your parents approve.
  2. Dance pe chance marlo, seriously guyz.

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