H.I.T.T.L.E.R, Hit-ler: An In-depth analysis

There are many movies themed around love, marriage, family, friendship, travel, and so on. Today, I will discuss a movie that has guilt-tripping as the strong plot point. After years of watching malayalam movies, I have realized that patriarchy is given in malayalam movies, mentioning it is just pure redundancy.

Meet the serial guilt-tripper Madhavan Kutty, better be called Manipulative Kutty/M Kutty, as he gets his way around either by guilt-tripping or beating the hell out of people. His relationship with others is a textbook example of abusive relationships and he is nicknamed as ‘Hitler’ for obvious reasons.

Although in the beginning I thought he was a brother to five sisters, I later realized that he is the warden of a Ladies hostel with orphaned girls, and it seems he addresses them as ‘sisters’. Look at them, they don’t even look alike.

Manipulative Kutty is the protective patriarchal brother who can’t understand that these girls know better to take care of themselves. But, this is what confuses me- he has a huge AF hostel, an Enfield bullet to travel, acres of lands, farm house, and fertilizer business, but he does not get these girls a bus or a mini-van to commute. Instead, either he accompanies them or appoints a security guard. Like, why are you so cheap, Mr. M Kutty?

The hero of the movie is the hell of a playboy, the keeper of hearts, ultimate fashion icon, Hridayabhanu.

This is the stuff made of unicorn poop

He is madly in love with one of the girls in M Kutty’s hostel and consequently becomes a victim of M Kutty’s physical and verbal abuse.

Although I don’t have any strong evidence in hand, I doubt M Kutty is the founder of Sri Ram Sena, Hanuman Sena, and Anti-Romeo squad across different states in India.

Love is an outdated concept in this movie. Like, who wants to date when their marriages are fixed, wait for it, right from childhood! M Kutty is engaged to his cousin, a lively, hyper-active girl Gouri, and in exchange he has promised that Gouri’s brother Balachandran can marry one of his hostel inmates, Ammu. By now, we know that M Kutty is not going to get any other girl, given his abusive behavior. To his luck, Gouri is affected by Stockholm syndrome. Perhaps, due to conditioning, Ammu and Balachandran are madly in love, and hangs out often.

Issok bro, do some squats and push-ups

M Kutty has taken it on his shoulders to marry off his hostel residents as a community charity service which is why he is adamant that he will find partners for them. As he leaves the town to discuss a proposal, the girls breathe the fresh air of freedom.

Ammu and Balachandran decide to go for a long ride, but comes back to the hostel for some Netflix and chill.

Unfortunately, M Kutty comes back to hostel sooner than expected and catches Balachandran from the girls’ shared room. Fearing that they might have to get married soon if she confesses what they were doing in the room, Ammu acts innocent. M Kutty, being the anti- Romeo that he is, beats up Balachandran, and in all that fury breaks off his ties with his fiancee and her family.

And, now, half an hour into the movie, we start seeing the title credits 🤦🏽

When the movie resumes, we see that M Kutty is appointing a new security guard and house help at the hostel, Balachandran guilt-tripping Ammu for being a silent spectator when M Kutty beat him up (this makes me think that guilt-tripping runs in their family), Gouri persuading M Kutty to take her back (a fateful outcome of Stolkholm syndrome!), our hero Hridayabhanu hatching plans and rebelling against M Kutty but severely getting thrashed again.

Banner says “marry off sisters, and save the men”!Patriarchal BS, I say.

Plot thickens when we find out that M Kutty’s Dad and Balachandran’s Dad are rivals from the past. M Kutty’s Dad had to abandon M Kutty and their hostel because of a dirty ploy by Balachandran’s Dad. M Kutty’s Dad now has two daughters. Plot thickens further when Balachandran’s Dad tries to befriend a common enemy of M Kutty and him to defeat M Kutty. Hey, heard of this something called too many characters spoil the movie?

That’s not it. In a weird turning of events, one of the residents at M Kutty’s hostel gets raped by her drunken Professor. When Prof confesses the crime to M Kutty, he conveniently blames the woman and alcohol. Being the patriarchal arse that M Kutty is, he gets convinced so easily.

So he goes back, and guilt trips the rape survivor, and fixes the marriage between her and the Prof.

*slow claps*

Rest of the inmates oppose the marriage, and in an act of rebellion against the patriarch, Ammu marries Balachandran and leaves the hostel. If she had the courage to stand up against M Kutty in the beginning, sigh, the movie would have ended right before it began, methinks.

M Kutty’s Dad is eventually killed by the enemy gang, and his orphaned daughters are taken to the hostel by M Kutty. The remaining inmates in the hostel is taken aback by this move, perhaps because of space constraints. So they move in to Ammu’s and Balachandran’s house nearby. This unleashes M Kutty’s patriarchal ego as he fears Balachandran may start another Ladies Hostel near to his. He threatens to kill Balachandran.

Now, it was Balachandran’s turn to get stabbed. Obviously everyone doubts M Kutty, I mean, given his history of inflicting violence on others, it is inevitable. A broken M Kutty goes around trying to guilt trip everyone, but fails miserably. He decided to go to his farm house to think about the next business plan.

That is when our hero, our dearest Hridayabhanu find M Kutty and reveals to him that it was the enemy gang who did everything evil. Together, they fight the evil gang, and peace is restored.

Everyone comes back to the hostel, but M Kutty declares he wants to go on a road trip to Leh, Ladakh on his bullet. Everyone tries to dissuade him, but he is adamant that he wants to discover the meaning of his life.

As we think he is finally on his way to be another Che Guevara, a romeo passes by. We know that his inner patriarch cannot let go of a romeo, don’t we?

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