Harikrishnans- An in-depth analysis

Harikrishnans was an ambitious crime-thriller that ended up being a sad story of two jobless lawyers desperately hitting on a woman for action.

Mallu land has set serious fraandship goals through its movies. Before the cult friendship movie that taught us sharing is caring, Niram, hit the screens, Faazil gave us the golden duo Harikrishnan & Harikrishnan of Harikrishnan Associates.

Truth be told, Harikrishnan is the bff we all want in our lives.

They have cute nicknames for each other- one is called Haré (because Hari is mainstream), and the other is called Ku..oops..Kinnan (U & I so close in the keyboard ya).

I want someone to look at me the way Kinnan looks at Haré

They dress alike, finish each other’s sentences, laugh at each other’s PJs, have crazy dance moves, sometimes they even break out into patriotic songs together in the middle of nowhere.

They also have this annoying habit of presuming that people would find it difficult to say who is who among them; so they make it a point to declare who can be called Hari or Krishnan. As someone whose name is shared by at least one in a group of four, I can assure you Harikrishnans, nobody gives a fuck.

Sorry not Sorry

Harikrishnans are lawyers by profession, and known as the best in the country. Believe me, all that’s just hollow PR, they rarely get clients or win cases. Kinnan side hustles as a photographer to keep the organization going and pay for Haré’s dancing classes.

In the pre-camera phone era, Kinnan was the stalker with a fancy camera. He would take photos without anyone’s consent.

Kinnan is a bad guy. Don’t be like Kinnan

So, when they finally get a murder case through Haré’s sister Ammalu, they plan to solve it at any cost and save their asses.

Okay, now Ammalu is an interesting character. She is a compulsive liar who wants to look cool among her friends. She brags about her achievements and expresses her plan to travel around the world in the next summer vacation. I am not sure if she grew up to be a Prime Minister or not.

No idea what’s she smokin, but she likes to invite people for dinner and give them plain rice and tomato ketchup.

Ammalu’s friend Gabriel is wrongly accused in the murder of this dude called Guptan. To save him, Ammalu calls Harikrishnans, because she is also a victim of the PR hype. In a typical court room cliché, a nosy prosecutor tries to act smart by asking an eleven year old the difference between ‘like’ and ‘love’.

When you are a sanghi from Kerala

Harikrishnans decide to take up the case because the little one has said the B-word in public. (Also because they don’t have anything else to do).

the ingredients of a courtroom scene in movies

In the course of their investigation, they meet Meera, a strong, independent woman who is into some voodoo stuff.

well, can’t blame her

Meera was friends with Guptan, after they met on a bus journey and found out they read the same book.

Intimidated by her strong personality, Harikrishnans accuse her of being in a sexual relationship with Guptan. Meera asks them to fuck off with their moralistic and judgmental asses.

After they realize she is single, they begin to shamelessly hit on her with poems and stuff. Well, desperate men smh

Thank you G Sudhakaran for those lines

Harikrishnans go to Guptan’s castle, sorry house, to find out more clues about him. His father, an insult to all Indian parents, doesn’t care what Guptan did for a living and doesn’t know if he had any problems in life. All he is bothered about is conducting a festival in their family temple.

Eventually, we learn Guptan was a victim of catfishing. That is, he used to flirt with a fake profile. Now, this was a long time ago, before Facebook or Orkut , when people communicated by writing letters. He had written love letters to Mohini, thinking she was this philosophical, romantic poet, who in fact was a dude.

Betrayed Guptan is cool, and lets it pass; be like Guptan.

Ruling out suicide, Harikrishnans find out Guptan was murdered by his cousins who eyed his huge ass castle. But, wasn’t that obvious from the time they went to the house and found out that this guy is damn rich who will, in all probability, be in the potential list to be murdered by a jealous friend or relative? Don’t Harikrishnans watch malayalam movies?

Since Guptan is dead, the dude who faked to be Mohini is given in exchange to Guptan’s father. Guptan’s father, who is obsessed with the temple festival, is okay because this dude also sings like Guptan. Whaa? So he sings at the festival, everyone likes his song, murders are arrested, and it looks like a happy ending.

But Harikrishnans are still persistent on getting Meera. They slyly demand her to choose one of them as ‘friends with benefits’ and the other as hubby. Such confidence, much wow.

the story of every Tinder chat, ever.

Meera rejects both. Because she has Rahul.

5 thoughts on “Harikrishnans- An in-depth analysis

  1. Just imagine three paragraphs consisting of only two letters – h and a. Not to Derrida my way into making an impressive comment but I think what you are doing here is more than in-depth review, it is desconstruction. And often interpretations. So call it something more fun than reviews? Ending the comment with some pacifying palpayasam. Read all your pieces in one go. Keep it coming please. Okbye.


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