Kaliyoonjaladi ethum- An in-depth analysis

Today, let me refresh the memories of this amazing song from Soorya Puthran, so relevant in today’s times.

Although the song is basically posing some questions to various species of the animal kingdom, the visuals suggest that it happens in some Bala Gokulam summer camp, teaching patriotism to pre-teen children. Be warned, the anti-national in you would burn.

Introducing prant pracharak, Jeevan.

He has been given the charge of teaching a bunch of unassuming kids the art of using patriotism at anything and everything that comes against them. One of the pressing questions that prant pracharak Jeevan hopes to find answers to is,

കുന്നിൻമേലേ ആരാരോ പൊന്നുംപടിയിട്ടു
പൊന്നുംപടിമേൽ ആരാരോ കുന്നിക്കുരു നട്ടു?

Who constructed the golden steps on hill top,
Who planted the kunnikuru on the golden steps?

Before we go further, can we take a moment to admire Jeevan rocking the net t-shirt, way before Raj did in 2000?

Free the Nipple

Of course, the sessions are heavy on Sharirik activities. They are essential for the wholesome development of a child into an adult sanghi.

Baudhik or intellectual activities are as important as Sharirik. Through Baudhik activities Jeevan teaches them the tactics of budging an argument.

  • Step 1- Chuck common sense, and proceed to name call your opponents. Slut shame, if women
When even Itch Guard can’t cure your allergy
  • Step 2- Bring’em trolls, and spam social media
  • Step 3- Make it a moo point*; delegate the task to Times Cow
    (*Hello, Joey Tribbiani)

One of the crucial points of inculcating sangh values is the obsession with patriotic songs. Like, pretending to know Vande Matharam or breaking into Vande Matharam in a jungle book sorta song.

Why this song is not played in loop on Aug 15 is the biggest mystery ever

Sanghiness aside, pray tell me, what was going on in the cinematographer’s head when he shot this.

Director: Let the car move with the dancers.
Cinematographer: How about I roll with the car?
(He did roll, kids, he did roll)

Anyways, I don’t know if Jeevan received answers from squirrel, ox, parrot and the like, but the song comes to an end, wait for it, with another bhajan.

This is a figment of fiction. Any familiarity to anyone living or dead, is purely coincidental

Find the song, here 👇

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