Kilukkam- An in-depth analysis

This movie happens in a la-la land where everyone believes everything so easily.

Kilukkam poster

Our hero is a retired judge, Justice Pillai, who is feudal to the core, breathes casteism, and stays alone because his wife loves to have fun. May be it’s the loneliness, Pillai is the human version of grumpy cat.


Pillai’s sidekick is Joji- son of Judi, a wonder-ful jockey, and a woman from some illam. I gather, it’s the illam factor that made Pillai behave well with Joji. Meet Joji 👇🏽

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Joji survives on gigs like unlicensed tour guide, porter, coachman etc.

On one such gig, he meets Nandini, who he mistakes to be from some palace. Of course, Joji too is influenced by Pillai’s casteist mindset.

Screen Shot 2017-10-10 at 3.14.38 AM
Subtitle as original as it comes

Much to his dismay, Joji realizes Nandini is poor, and really naive. She is penniless and has no place to stay. Since she seemed way too innocent, the protective patriarch in Joji decides to bring her to his place. Although Nandini adores Joji, he considers her to be his headache, until the day Joji’s bff, Nischal, a smart young photographer, tells him that Nandini is a golden goose and that people have announced heavy ransom for her.

Joji pretends to take care of Nandini, but ends up doing a shitty job of it. He takes her for train surfing, makes her jump from the ceiling, and even attempts bull fighting.

The dreams of getting rich keeps him afloat. But, one day Nandini tells him that she has been ‘acting’ naive, and that she has come here in search of her daddy, Justice Pillai.

Okay, I have serious questions here.
1. Nandini landed on a frigging strange place and met an unlicensed tour guide. How in earth did she trust Joji to go with him, and in fact, live with him?
2. Joji immediately believes Nandini’s story, even though she just confessed that she had been lying the fuck out until now. However, Joji doesn’t waste a moment to even think if his friend Justice Pillai would actually have a daughter he has never heard of.
3. Top of it all, Joji just betrayed his bff Nischal, with whom he had been living until Nandini came. He doesn’t even bother to convince Nischal of anything and sets on to help Nandini.

Nandini is introduced to Justice Pillai as a distant relative of Joji, who is in dire need of a job. Pillai’s first question is obviously about her caste. Joji assures him that she is a relative from his mother’s side. Pillai is relieved- “the illam effect”. He employs her as his domestic help.

Hold on, given the nature of marital alliances in Kerala, Pillai’s question cannot be dismissed easily. Look at him again, do you see a new spark in his eyes?

giphy (7)

In the following days, Pillai picks up unnecessary fights with Nandini. It is almost as if he wants to get her attention. Pillai keeps delegating tasks to Nandini, so that he gets to talk to her often. Pillai is in a whirl of emotions that he cannot make sense of. He is angry, but he doesn’t understand why. Realizing that Nandini doesn’t like his mooch, he shaves it off.

In all that fury, one day, Pillai falls down. But to soothe his heart and relieve his body of pain, Nandini takes care of him. Pillai’s happiness has no limits. He thinks he has crossed the tough phase of unrequited love. He becomes a new man, who is no longer grumpy. He sings and dances through the land, like a teenager in love.

giphy (8)

He was indeed in love, just not a teenager, not even close. He even gets new clothes for Nandini, his first gift to her.

When Joji comes again, Pillai shyly confesses that he loves Nandini.

There is a huge fucking aura of misunderstanding, but everyone’s happy. Because this misunderstanding is not enough, Joji also starts developing feelings for Nandini. Come on, what’s a love story without some triangle.

But, society had other plans. Pillai’s children, other wife, relatives come with staunch opposition. But, our lover boy Pillai is not ready to back off…until, Nandini tells him that she has come for her father, Justice Pillai, and that she is no Electra.

Pillai is heartbroken. He tries to convince her that, it is someone else who is her father, and not him.

giphy (9)

Nandini finally tells him that although Pillai is not her father, she sees him only like a father. Poor Pillai, father-zoned and alone once again, goes back to his grumpy self.

Nandini gets together with Joji, although I don’t have a fucking clue why.

Moral of the story:

Do a paternity test when in doubt; saves a lot of drama (and confusion)


9 thoughts on “Kilukkam- An in-depth analysis

  1. In three words ‘i loved it’.Come to think of it your analysis is very accurate about the film and the way you presented it in a humorous way makes me read it throughout with a smile.Gif were all lol 😂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. “Pillai’s first question is obviously about her caste. Joji assures him that she is a relative from his mother’s side.” I doubt that is what Joji’s answer meant. I think it tried to convey that Nandini is a woman when he said ‘ammedeya’. Have you considered this possibility?


  3. Well, one more thing which I never understood was that, Innocent was an illiterate who couldn’t read the lottery number from the newspaper, but was literate enough to read it from the lottery ticket!! Heavy logic from priyadarshan!!


  4. Realizing that Nandini doesn’t like his mooch, he shaves it off.

    That’s incorrect. You can edit that out or make a great gif of one of the best scenes in the movie.


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