Dosth : A Coincident In-depth analysis

Friendship is a lit AF theme for mallu movies. After Harikrishnans and Abi & Sona, we were fortunate to get a new classic pair, Ajith and Vijay. Better name suggestions were Ramesh and Sreedharan, with Nair surnames obviously, but let’s proceed with what we have at hand. Early 2000s – This was a time period when Kunchacko Boban would do films with simple  names and … Continue reading Dosth : A Coincident In-depth analysis

Chandrolsavam – An in-depth analysis

In Malayalam cinema, there is no ordinary everyday love. It’s always the flawless protagonists falling in flawless love with some poetic adjectives thrown around. One such flawless (also, pointless) love story is Chandrolsavam. Now, first things first. Chandrolsavam is a movie which has no pretensions on the position of women in this society. This was early 2000s, and director Ranjith gave no flying fuck about … Continue reading Chandrolsavam – An in-depth analysis