Into the atomic levels of Thanmathra

Thanmathra is beautifully narrated film where every sound, word, object, and movement is created to communicate with the audience. For someone like Rameshan Nair(Mohanlal), who took pride in his talent to memorise everything, memory was his super power. It forms a huge part of his identity that when he realises his memory is slipping away from his control, he is broken – although the feeling … Continue reading Into the atomic levels of Thanmathra

Ayaal Kadha Ezhuthukayanu : An in-depth analysis

Mohanlal starrer Ayaal Katha Ezhuthukayanu is an insightful movie. It mixes the frustrations, delusions, and perversions of mallu male, drops it in a  full jar of soda, gives us with fizz of BS. But be warned, it can burn your eyes. BUT, this is also a tragic story of Ramakrishnan, a middle class man without many ambitions, who gets lost in the devious plot of … Continue reading Ayaal Kadha Ezhuthukayanu : An in-depth analysis

Chandrolsavam – An in-depth analysis

In Malayalam cinema, there is no ordinary everyday love. It’s always the flawless protagonists falling in flawless love with some poetic adjectives thrown around. One such flawless (also, pointless) love story is Chandrolsavam. Now, first things first. Chandrolsavam is a movie which has no pretensions on the position of women in this society. This was early 2000s, and director Ranjith gave no flying fuck about … Continue reading Chandrolsavam – An in-depth analysis

Aaram Thampuran- An in-depth analysis

Or how to make a creative resume that lands you a job We all have been there- stuck in the wrong job, looking for a way out. K Jagannadhan (Kanimangalam Jagannadhan also known as Jagan, Jaggu, Jughead) was also at the wrong place, hating his job under a demanding bourgeoise bossman, Nandakumar. Like in any corporate setup, Jaggu was tormented by his bossman, not giving … Continue reading Aaram Thampuran- An in-depth analysis