The King meets The Truth- An in-depth analysis

This is the story about twin brothers separated at birth, nevertheless raised by aristocratic families, because malayalam cinema. Meet Joseph Alex and Bharath Patteri. Although they were separated, they grew up to be exact same person, albeit with minor differences. Joseph Alex grew up to be an IAS officer (after “the mutinous hallucinations of an adolescent absolved”) while Bharath heads SIT in Delhi. Joseph has … Continue reading The King meets The Truth- An in-depth analysis

Aaram Thampuran- An in-depth analysis

Or how to make a creative resume that lands you a job We all have been there- stuck in the wrong job, looking for a way out. K Jagannadhan (Kanimangalam Jagannadhan also known as Jagan, Jaggu, Jughead) was also at the wrong place, hating his job under a demanding bourgeoise bossman, Nandakumar. Like in any corporate setup, Jaggu was tormented by his bossman, not giving … Continue reading Aaram Thampuran- An in-depth analysis

Kaliyoonjaladi ethum- An in-depth analysis

Today, let me refresh the memories of this amazing song from Soorya Puthran, so relevant in today’s times. Although the song is basically posing some questions to various species of the animal kingdom, the visuals suggest that it happens in some Bala Gokulam summer camp, teaching patriotism to pre-teen children. Be warned, the anti-national in you would burn. Introducing prant pracharak, Jeevan. He has been … Continue reading Kaliyoonjaladi ethum- An in-depth analysis

Minnaram- An in-depth analysis

Trigger alert: so many, many many babies. This is a heart touching movie about people who set out to do big things without having thought them through. It’s like they had an idea, they patted themselves on the back for it, and just acted on it. cough *demonetisation* cough Without further ado, let’s dive into the super hit movie, Minnaram. Retd. I G Matthews, is … Continue reading Minnaram- An in-depth analysis